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Model History:

1963 The first Rover 2000 leaves the production line to be introduced to the general public at the Earls Court Motor Show. Initially launched with a 1978cc four cylinder engine, the Rover 2000 featured many innovative engineering solutions. Disc brakes all round, an all synchro mesh gearbox, servo assisted brakes and De Dion rear axles were all standard on the Rover 2000. The independent front suspension has horizontally mounted coil springs; this was to allow sufficient width in the engine bay to allow the installation of a gas turbine engine. (picture)
1966 Rover introduces the 2000 TC with twin SU carburettors to give more power and a top speed in excess of 100 mph. An automatic gearbox is also added to the range.
1968 The Rover 3500 sees the installation of the 3528cc V8 engine originally fitted to the P5B installed in the 2000 body. The Rover 3500 is only offered with a three speed automatic gear box. Externally the only visible differences are bulges on the bonnet and a deeper air scoop under the front bumper. The extra width under the bonnet due to the suspension layout made fitting the V8 engine straight forward. The only changes being the front cross member moved slightly forward and the battery relocated to the boot. A stronger final drive was also used. (picture)
1970 All models receive a facelift to become the P6B. The engineering changes required to fit the V8 engine into the original Rover 2000 body are adopted across the range. All other changes are cosmetic, the most obvious being the black and silver plastic grille. (picture)
1972 Rover 3500S, the 3500 is now offered with a 5 speed manual gear box and a more powerful V8 engine.
1973 The 1978cc engine from the 2000 is replaced with an all new engine of 2204cc, available as either SC or TC with either single or twin carburettors. (picture)
1976 The P6 is replaced by the SD1, although the 2200 is sold through to 1977.
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